“Pythia” - a Magic Wand using a massive blown glass reservoir with a white quartz point (sometimes known as a “window crystal” of exceptional clarity promoting the undertaking Know Thyself

about Gemstones

their use in Objects of Power

Gemstones have been an integral component of Objects of Power[1] since man arrived on this planet, wherever archeologists have ransacked burial sites they have found such objects incorporating gemstones.

Since 7000BC[2] (when the art of lapidary had its origins) gemstones have been engraved with sacred symbols to gain added potency[3].

Ancients traditions, many hidden or protected for thousands of years, are now being revealed - an integral step in mankind's continuing journey of evolution - giving us unprecedented access to the combined empowering techniques of all our predecessors.

We have today the ability to create tools for personal empowerment which - like our genes - blend inputs from many different sources and origins.

This has achieved a synergistic[4] opportunity to create tools which transcend the abilities of those created in previous centuries.

  Engraving stones greatly amplifies their  
   natural abilities and potencies  

Majistyks creations take full advantage of this by engraving sacred symbols, sourced from traditions such as Asatru, Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Caodaism, Christianity , Confucianism, Deism , Druidism, Druze, Gaia, Gnosticism, Gypsies, Hinduism, Ifa , Islam, Jainism , Judaism, Lukumi, Macumba, Mowahhidoon, Native American Spirituality, Neopaganism, Pantheism, Shinto , Sikhism , Taoism, Vodun, Wicca, Witchcraft and Zoroastrianism on the gemstones (where appropriate of course) and other materials used to make our tools.

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Many Blessings
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background courtesy Clachan Chalanais (the Standing Stones of Callanish)