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Hi I am Fergus and I've been building magic tools, gifts and decorations for many years. I build them at Middle Path where many paths, including 2 ley lines, have come together to make a magnificent confluence of energy and opportunity.

the Temple walls during construction

We ( Trijntje, my wonderful wife, and I ) have lived near Maleny since 1993, during which time we constructed a delightful temple to live in on a site with particularly propitious earth energies which have been augmented with gemstones and plants.

I began making instruments through our healing and personal transformation work which demonstrated the significantly beneficial influence natural things could contribute to restoring balance and harmony in a wide range of distressing situations.

Since then I have made a range of instruments for a diverse range of individuals and purposes - from protective talismans for infants to amulets of passage for the elderly.

Feedback I received often referred to the "magic stick" or similar and I adopted the name “Majistyks” for this work.

I continue to create items for promoting health, prosperity, talent, life-skills, awareness and wholeness for discerning clients and adepts around the planet.

Many Blessings
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