“Pythia” - a Magic Wand using a massive blown glass reservoir with a white quartz point (sometimes known as a “window crystal” of exceptional clarity promoting the undertaking Know Thyself

Amulets & Talismans

Personal empowerment, manifestation, growth and protection

Amulets and talismans have been a feature of mankind's quest for self-improvement and self-empowerment since history has been recorded. Typically crafted by an individual possessing esoteric knowledge and skills (a “shaman”, “wise one”, “wizard”, “healer” etc) they are designed to give the wearer the benefits imbued within the object.

It is not the object alone which creates the benefits, rather the combination of wearer's mind-set and object's power which weaves the magic which manifests the beneficial outcomes. Attitude, belief and intent are major factors which determine the effectiveness of these objects in anyone's life.

Individually crafted amulets, created with intent and knowledge, are by far the most effective objects of personal power. Every talisman and amulet I create is uniquely individual and imbued with a “clear connection” which helps the wearer in swiftly establishing the necessary “relationship of power” with the object.

People experience this channel as a feeling of peace and well-being while handling or wearing the amulet - I call this quality “feel-friendliness” and incorporate it in everything I make. Many customers describe it as a “definite sense of presence” - as though the object is speaking directly to their heart.

My amulets and talismans are inscribed with appropriate symbols - drawn from a wide range of traditions including Wicca, Reiki, Ancient Egypt, Druidic, Celtic. These generate vibrations or energies which enhance the power and focus the purpose of the object .

I use durable natural objects - stones, metals, wood - for construction and every process is completely hand-crafted throughout (I do not use pre-fabricated settings or mountings).

Metal (copper, brass or silver) or wood is used for the base matrix (the foundation which blends and combine the energies of the various items used in the construction). Precious and semi-precious gemstones are excellent visual and vibrational channels for human connection and are a feature of every amulet and talisman I create.

Gemstones are added using a silver and tin solder which is lead-free, does not tarnish and is a powerful conductor of the components energies. It is also safe to wear next to the skin which is the best place for effective manifestation of the beneficial outcomes.

Metals which are prone to tarnishing over time are coated with a marine-grade and UV resistant lacquer which is baked on to provide lasting protection from dulling and darkening.

Only durable hardwood timbers are used for the wooden matrices - oak (English) (which I harvest from a tree I planted many years ago), peach and plum (used for tool-handles). These I coat with a combination of natural oils which soak into the wood and give a harder-wearing surface.

My talisman and amulets are delightful to touch - a very effective way of reinforcing the connection, focusing mind and intent and manifesting the desired outcome. Each comes with a 45cm silver chain ready to wear.

Amulets currently available:

Botswana Agate with haematite


Ideally suited for anyone wanting support in quitting smoking.

The lower half of the agate edge has been left polished, adding a lovely smooth coolth to the feelability of this lovely piece.

price: AUD$199:00 (includes GST)

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Agate Slice with Muscovite


An amulet for increasing self-acceptance and healing inner angers, the inner-directed quartz points work exceptionally well in directing the agate's harmonising vibrations inwards promoting inner strength, self-confidence and self-acceptance whilst soothing and calming inner turmoil.

A natural (undyed) agate slice with a cavity lined with delicate, tiny clear quartz crystals. A sparking muscovite cabochon sits on the slice.

price: AUD$199:00 (includes GST)
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Agate slice with Sunstone


This amulet radiates joy and light, the sunstone's vibrations offer profound support for self-realisation and alignment with the Light.

It provides broad-spectrum healing on all levels as conditions which separate the wearer from their inner-light are dissipated happily.

Another natural (undyed) agate slice containing a cavity lined with tiny, delicate clear quartz crystals. A natural Sunstone from Oregon adorns the apex of the slice.

price: AUD$149:00 (includes GST)

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Oak (English)
DT Smokey Quartz point
Kunzite (faceted)
Lapis Lazuli
Pink Banded Agate

108 mm

Created to give powerful vibrational support to the wearer in overcoming depression and misery. The oak haft (harvested from a tree I planted many years ago) offers a perfect matrix for combining and channeling the stones' energies.

The Kunzite is an irrepressible gem which radiates a quiet joy to all in it's vicinity.

The oak also provides a strong Druidic connection.

the faceted Kunzite rear of amulet

price: AUD$264:00 (includes GST)
Postage, insurance and packaging is extra

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Many Blessings
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