“Pythia” - a Magic Wand using a massive blown glass reservoir with a white quartz point (sometimes known as a “window crystal” of exceptional clarity promoting the undertaking Know Thyself

Majistyks chalices for drinking life

Our Chalices are a wonderful way of imbibing life and all it offers.

Throughout history mankind has regarded the acts of eating and drinking as an integral part of ritual and manifestation.

From the “Holy Grail” to the communion cup the drinking vessel has held a special place on ceremonial occasions and special gatherings.

Our chalices are created to offer our clients unique and treasured vessels for ceremony, ritual, celebration and just plain enjoying life.

Typically I start out with a silver-plated commercial vessel and add gemstones and inscriptions after thoroughly cleansing it to eliminate any influences or biases due to the manufacturing process.

A matched pair of chalices will take pride of place in any wedding gift collection for a special couple.

Many Blessings
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background courtesy Clachan Chalanais (the Standing Stones of Callanish)