“Pythia” - a Magic Wand using a massive blown glass reservoir with a white quartz point (sometimes known as a “window crystal” of exceptional clarity promoting the undertaking Know Thyself

Majistyks tools for manifestation

Just as it is easier to “tune” a motor using the appropriate tools rather than bare hands, so it can be much more effective to “tune” one's life using appropriate tools - items we call “metaphysical instruments”.

A metaphysical instrument can be virtually anything which is invested with the ability to extend your influence beyond the physical realm: rabbits' feet and 4-leafed clovers are 2 traditional examples.

Our products are purpose-made using natural components to create a powerful channel for focusing energy and intent in order to manifest a desired outcome.

They can take the form of personal adornment - such as jewellery - decorative items for the home or workplace - such as chalices, magic wands - or “tools of the trade” for anyone who wants to increase their ability to achieve positive results.

Items may be crafted for specific tasks - such as improving awareness, health, prosperity, social influence, relationship, career - in fact anything that the mind can conceive will be manifested more effectively and powerfully using an instrument.

Each and every item is an individual creation - there will only ever be one of its kind in existence.

Crafting these instruments takes time as there are numerous stages requiring cleansing and time for the separate components to come together as a whole.

The majority of my work is crafted to commission - specifically built to a particular client's specifications or wishes.

My work falls into these broad categories:

Many Blessings
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background courtesy Clachan Chalanais (the Standing Stones of Callanish)