“Pythia” - a Magic Wand using a massive blown glass reservoir with a white quartz point (sometimes known as a “window crystal” of exceptional clarity promoting the undertaking Know Thyself

Majistyks stained glass lampshade

panel dimensions calculator

First lets look at how a panel is defined by the design of the lampshade.

Lampshade dimensions

Each tier in the lampshade is defined by 3 measurements - the ones I use here are the diameter of the lampshade at the top of the panel and the bottom of the panel and the vertical height of the panel's tier.

By diameter I mean the diameter of a circle which passes through the internal corners of the lampshade - if you have an even number of sides, this will equal the corner to opposite corner measurement.

If you want an extremely precise result, you will need to make an allowance for the thickness of the glass (usually ~3mm) - a typical approach is to subtract twice the thickness of the glass (say 6mm) from the diameter dimensions.

Lampshade panel dimensions

These dimensions are easy to determine from a profile or side-view (elevation) drawing of the lampshade.

However - if you need a precise result (within a millimetre or similar) with the size of the lampshade you need to be aware of the size disparity between the design dimensions and the resulting constructed size.

The calculations assume that the diameters supplied are the internal dimensions - shown by the red arrow. Most people seem to measure lamshade by their external dimensions - shown by the blue arrow. There is a difference, if it is important to you then you are better off using the external diameter measurements.

Lampshade panel dimensions

Here are the dimensions which define an individual panel, once you know these you can draw an accurate outline for the panel cartoon or cutting drawing.

Lampshade specifications

Here is how you specify the dimensions of your lampshade for this calculator, when you click the calculate button a new window should open with a list of the panel dimensions for each tier of the lampshade.

The nature of lampshades means that the bottom diameter of any tier is the same measurement as the top diameter for the tier below (except for the final or bottom-most tier naturally).

This calculator handles a maximum of 6 tiers at a time. If your lampshade has more tiers - calculate the first six tiers then return here and enter the values for the next 6 tiers and then calculate them and so on.

The units are for your convenience only - the calculations are identical for imperial and metric units.

the program needs a value hereThese values must be entered to get useful results.
number of sides (between 3 and 100) the program needs a value here
unit of measurement you are using  
how many decimals do you want?  
what are your measurements? inner diameter
outer diameter
the program needs to know which measurement you have used here
top-most diameter the program needs a value here 
top tier vertical height the program needs a value here 
bottom of top tier diameter the program needs a value here 
second tier vertical height  
bottom of second tier diameter  
third tier vertical height  
bottom of third tier diameter  
fourth tier vertical height  
bottom of fourth tier diameter  
fifth tier vertical height  
bottom of fifth tier diameter  
sixth tier vertical height  
bottom of sixth tier diameter  
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background courtesy Clachan Chalanais (the Standing Stones of Callanish)